It's me! Tiffany!

Geekfully is about living the geek life, to the fullest.

My name is Tiffany, and I live in Dallas with my incredible comic book illustrator husband, Robert Wilson IV, our sweet and smart little daughter, who I’ll lovingly refer to as “Bunny,” and (somewhat) crazy Shiba Inu pup, Kashi.

This site about all sorts of slices of the geek life. Follow our adventure of living behind the scenes of the process of drawing, making, and publishing comic books, traveling to comic conventions, and meeting some of the best people in the business. Get a taste of our daily life making tasty eats (we love to cook and try new things), fun DIY projects (I’ll admit it, I’m a little obsessed with crafting, making, and any kind of inspiration Pinterest can shine), and learning about life raising a toddler.