Hooray for Curly Girls!

It took me a long time to embrace my curly locks. What I could accomplish if I could get back the hours I spend straightening my curls in my youth? But I digress. After years of dealing with unruly, frizzy locks, I finally happened upon the right mix of products, confidence, and timing, and I’ve been proudly sporting my curls ever since. No use messing with nature.

So I’m curious what you think about this new video attempt from Dove, encouraging curly girls to embrace their curls.


Tiffany Monhollon

Tiffany Monhollon

Tiffany Monhollon enjoys reading, writing, and DIY projects, and has been dreaming about starting a site dedicated to these and other topics she geekily obsesses about for many years. One day, she decided to just go for it, and Geekfully was finally born. She writes about pretty much whatever suits her, from reviews to advice to tutorials and more, and if you're reading this, then hopefully that means these things suit you too.

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