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Making STEM Sticky: Subscription Service Aimed at Getting Kids Coding

I’m a huge advocate for STEM / STEAM initiatives, and I think that it’s so important for both boys and girls to have access to and learn about coding, because it’s so powerful and useful and I wish I’d dug into it more when I was even younger. Which is why I think this sounds like a very interesting premise: Bitsbox is a subscription service that helps kids to get coding through giving access to fun app coding projects each month.

The project just completed a Kickstarter campaign that quadrupled its goal and it looks like you can also sign up for it on the company’s website.

What do you think about this concept? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Tiffany Monhollon

Tiffany Monhollon

Tiffany Monhollon enjoys reading, writing, and DIY projects, and has been dreaming about starting a site dedicated to these and other topics she geekily obsesses about for many years. One day, she decided to just go for it, and Geekfully was finally born. She writes about pretty much whatever suits her, from reviews to advice to tutorials and more, and if you're reading this, then hopefully that means these things suit you too.

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